Month: April 2016

Toys for the Big Boys

Remote control toys for toddlers and young kids are just for an afternoon of fun, but adults view it as a hobby and are more serious about it. But before starting an expensive hobby, you need to decide on your budget and decide what kind of remote control toy you’d like to purchase. Also, you must consider if you want it to be a DIY or a ready-made on-road or off-road vehicle. The size and speed are also an important consideration to make as well as the power it will use, will it be electric, nitro or petrol.

Be meticulous in choosing a toy, especially radio-controlled ones. Be wary of manufacturer’s claim as they may overstate the features of their product. Also, choose a vehicle with selectable bands so you can operate your toy with another person.

The space where you’ll run your remote controlled toys matter in order for you to enjoy it. If you purchase a boat the pond is the best place for it. An indoor helicopter will need a medium to a large room while bigger cars and trucks and aeroplane are definitely for outdoor use.

With this, stick with reputable brand names when purchasing these expensive toy vehicles, especially online. Reputable brands come with a warranty and their parts are easily replaceable should it be damaged.

Electric powered toys are a great choice for both older kids and adults who are just acquainting themselves with remote controlled vehicles. They are usually pre-built when bought and they come with a rechargeable battery pack. They are low maintenance and quieter, too, so you won’t be a bother to your neighbors. But speed wise you might be at a disadvantage and since batteries last for only about 15 minutes you will not be able to play for longer periods of time. You have to invest on a set of batteries because it takes almost an hour to charge them.

For serious toy car racers, they will often opt for nitro vehicles which use methane-based fuel and petrol. These vehicles use miniature fuel-burning engines and have a metal chases and drive-train which requires time to assemble. Nitro and petrol vehicle depends on the fuel you put on it for its performance. But they can give you a realistic racing experience.

Child’s play just got upgraded

With a touch of technology and modernization, toys can now give a real-life interactive experience. Playing just got a lot more fun and realistic. Toy companies used old-fashioned toys and added a new twist to them to make them more in tune with the times. One good example is the Cabbage Patch doll, which now comes with an LCD screen which creates intense, moving eyes. The toy manufacturer which produced the upgraded doll installed sensors all throughout the doll’s body that connects to an app which can track the doll’s behavior like sleep schedule or feeding and play time.

The reason behind the upgrade was to provide a total real-life baby experience. Despite the fact that kids playing with the toy are sometimes just babies themselves, manufacturers believe the toys should be amateur.

Another noteworthy toy is the Real Cooking baking kits, which come with cake and cookie mixes and allows the child to add ingredients found in their kitchen like eggs and oil. The real-life experience that the baking kit provides can empower kids. They can bake real desserts from real ingredients which can be Pinterest-worthy once done. The kit also includes kid-sized utensil which makes it easier for them to bake the most delicious treat they can imagine.

Aside from reinventing old-school classics, some toy manufacturers capitalize on the buzziest trends to create their toys. Most of these toy help kids express their creativity and allows them to have an interactive experience. Modern toys can help tap a child’s potential not only in arts but even in building and understanding how things really work in real life. In a way, the toys can help them develop their self-help skills and even enhance their confidence. Indeed, they are not just toys used to entertain or keep them busy, but they can also be learning tools for your child.