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Take a Flask to Your Next Party

Hidden Flask Adventure

girl holding my poison flask Going to a party and you might want to bring your own adult beverage. Maybe it’s going to be a “dry” party or the hostess is known to be a bit of a cheapskate and you want to bring something of a little better quality. What better way to discreetly bring your own than with a cool flask.

A good quality stainless steel flask is less than $10 in most online stores and you can usually get a little less than a third of a standard liquor bottle of beverage in an 8 ounce flask.

There are a few things to consider when carrying liquor in a flask. Many states consider flasks as open containers, so if your local jurisdiction has open container laws, you might want to be sure that while driving the flask is totally away from easy access, like in the trunk. I’m not an attorney or law professional, so your mileage with my advice may vary or even be incorrect.

You don’t ever want to carry mixed cocktails because they are a b*tch to clean up. While most liquor residue can be taken care of with soapy warm water, left over cocktail shplutz might require a small bottle brush to clean your flask’s innards.

Next, you might want to consider where you’ll be carrying this flask. If you dress for style, you’ll have a nice jacket with a decent pocket in which to carry your liquid treasure. If you’re going with jeans or slacks, be sure to not get the super tight fitting pair. Tight pants kind of eliminate the discretion factor of carrying a flask. Chinos usually have an extra pocket. That just might be perfect.

One thing for sure, you can always bet on getting some great flask deals if you search online.